Sherman Worldwide professionals and partners have a depth of knowledge and working experience in fast-growing and traditional industries -- implementing methodologies and “best practices” to manage strategic, financial, operational, technological, and regulatory risk to enhance and grow enterprise value.
Sherman Worldwide is often tapped to assist clients and partners in the extremes -- during challenging periods and during phases of growth planning. All requiring timely, responsive and aggressive decision making with the help of trusted advisors.

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Sherman Worldwide works closely with private investment groups – firms, funds, family offices and individual investors with a strong understanding of the type of deals and projects they are more inclined to invest in while working closely with the transaction to ensure that regulatory requirements are met.
Sherman Worldwide assists those searching for unique deals and those looking for investors find the right partners.
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New Market Entry


Sherman Worldwide specializes in opening new markets, especially in China.
China represents a third of the world’s population with a middle class larger than the size of the United States. As a result of China’s growing middle class and buying power, the demand for Western businesses to expand to China has increased.
Unfortunately, many Western businesses have yet to implement a successful plan to engage this new market. Sherman Worldwide can pave the bridge.

Sherman Worldwide works directly with China’s largest companies and the China government to ensure that proper planning and strong relationships are in place to succeed. Our approach is unique, culturally sensitive and transparent with a focus on team success.
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Sherman Worldwide draws on core capabilities of research, benchmarking, modeling, analysis and strategy development to create winning management approaches across industries and markets.
Creating efficiency, cutting costs and reducing risk while providing solutions to challenges and developing an environment of growth is our standard approach. While process is necessary, Sherman Worldwide focuses on the bottom line with fresh innovation.
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Opportunity Development


Sherman Worldwide stays on the cutting edge of opportunity – constantly identifying new trends, understanding global needs and the changing landscape of market demands.
The development of opportunities require a unique approach and access to gatekeepers. Sherman Worldwide serves partners and clients to establish a beachhead to expand and grow with new products and services in emerging or established markets.
Sherman Worldwide offers a methodology to identify and cultivate opportunities and with an aggressive entrepreneurial approach implements winning strategies to secure success.

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