25+ Years

Making An Impact


Back in 1991, a handful of political consultants came together to open the doors of Sherman Worldwide. With a background of advising political campaigns throughout the United States, many of Sherman Worldwide’s early professionals ventured into international waters – advising governments and assisting candidates for office in other countries throughout Asia, Africa and Latin America.
As social media and email blasts are current tools of marketing and politics, we were the champions of talking points and blast faxes in the 90s. Our first office had 14 fax machines and we burned up a lot of thermal paper.
By the mid-late 1990s, Sherman Worldwide had built a strong network of trusted relationships in many international jurisdictions and as a result, reinvented services to focus as a bridge between U.S. based businesses and other global markets.


U.S. based business wanted to engage new markets, but needed help. We were ready to serve.

By early 2000, Sherman Worldwide expanded its services to governments and military, providing unique and innovative solutions for clients. The firm excelled in creating and implementing agile and dynamic approaches to solve client challenges.

Rapid innovation of technology, the real estate boom, the war on terrorism and the global approach to business created challenges with opportunity. The public sector needed assistance as we provided to private sector clients. We stepped up to fill the need.
We also began taking lead on humanitarian efforts around the world post-natural disasters, crisis and conflict. From aggressive policy recommendations to actual “boots on the ground” assistance, our personnel and resources have been donated and deployed to make a difference.


In 2004, Sherman Worldwide changed its marketing approach. The firm became a “think tank” of ideas and solutions.

Sherman Worldwide no longer pitched for clients. Sherman Worldwide began sharing ideas.
We don’t “sell,” -- we offer insight, educate and share ideas. Our firm’s success is directly tied to the success of our clients. We create solutions and our clients take the credit.
This approach quickly strengthened our firm’s reputation as the “go-to” firm for actionable and non-traditional ideas.
In 2014, Sherman Worldwide crossed an internal HR threshold with over 200 fulltime professionals in multiple jurisdictions.


The firm continues to grow at record pace to meet the needs of clients and partners.

Currently, Sherman Worldwide continues to provide advisory and opportunity development services to companies, governments and individuals seeking growth, market expansion and long term success.
Our firm is very focused in creating opportunities to veer foreign capital investment into the United States to create more American jobs.

In addition, we are well positioned to help US-based businesses and American intellectual property expand to new international markets.
We are more than a service provider to clients. We are an organic enterprise which grows with the success of our partners and clients. We look forward to working with you.